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The Regional Maritime University is a five-member state university situated in Accra. Member countries include Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and The Gambia. Students are drawn from each member state as well as non- member states who may like to pursue various carriers in the maritime industry.

The SRC is an association of all students within the university. As a mouth piece for all students and as an intermediary between management and students, the council is mindful of the diversities in terms of culture, religion, political, economic and social backgrounds among students; and is ever committed to unite and build a non-racial, gender equal, democratic and peaceful environment for academic and social activities; recognizing our discipline as a cardinal instrument for the sustainability of the maritime industry.

We are also determined to instill and nurture a culture of learning, research, tolerance, team work, understanding, strategic and critical thinking mindful of our status as students.



Emmanuel Ewoenam Abotsi

Joseph William Ackney

Claude Azefack

Adjei Gyasi Richard

Joana Normanyo